FIXstruder FB v.2.0 – diameter control feedback – desktop filament extruder machine 220V

 590,00 (excl. 21% VAT for EU)

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  • created specifically for recycling failed prints and supports
  • pre-installed nozzle 1.75 mm (ABS), replaceable nozzle 2 mm (PLA , others)
  • fully assembled and ready to work!     


  • the feedback function uses the PID controller to measure and self-correct the filament diameter
  • the control system, which is based on a microcontroller, offers sophisticated features for modifying various settings
  • it is possible to upgrade the firmware by connecting a cable to the USB port
  • the heater operates from 220V with a power of 145W; provides efficient heating and fast temperature adjustment
  • barrel diameter 22 mm
  • built-in cooling
  • the ability to turn off and adjust the speed of cooling fan
  • advanced motor load control capability to prevent overloads
  • easily replaceable nozzle; the ability of using 3D printer’s conventional nozzles
  • auto stop in case of power failure
  • extrusion rate from 1 to 1.5 meter per minute
  • heating temperature up to 300 °С
  • multi materials – ABC, PLA , HIPS



  1. Size 40*25*16 cm
  2. Attention! The heater operates at 220V
  3. Heater power 145W
  4. Maximum peak power consumption 200W (with heater)